Say “hi” to yourself

There’s an uplifting, forward moving energy to yoga that I just love. Every time you get on your mat or sit in meditation, you are getting to know yourself better. And as you get to know yourself better, you’re able to interact with yourself and the world around from a space of authenticity and integrity. As you continue to practice yoga, you evolve right alongside it - you learn some more and you evolve some more. It’s truly invigorating and freeing to know that our capacity for expansion is limitless. Be it public classes, a private session, a lunar gathering, or workshops, my students venture out into the world feeling connected and capable to live their lives authentically.


A bit about me

I’m a yogi (500RYT), wife, mom, daughter, friend, sister, neighbor, aunt, niece, granddaughter, student, teacher, lover of pizza, lover of dogs, lover of the the 5 elements, and lover of yoga.

As a complex trauma survivor (and trauma informed yoga trained), I’ve experienced the magic of yoga first-hand in how it’s helped me re-connect to myself while empowering me to regulate my anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  Because of yoga, I understand who I am and I joyfully stand in my truth.  I want all my students to feel a sense of belonging within themselves, within my class, within the world.  We are all on this planet for a reason and I’m here to help build a universal sense of belonging by sharing my story and inspiring others through yoga.  

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