I want all my students to feel a belonging within themselves, within my class, within the world.


“Meredith has a special ability to lead a group of yogis through practice with a natural joy and positivity that brings the room together while at the same time making each yogi feel as if they are the most important student in the room. Meredith is highly sensitive to people’s specific body types and how that may change a particular posture for them to progress in their practice. Meredith is always happy to assist beginners get answers to their questions and feel informed about the purpose of a posture or sequence. Meredith also has a depth of experience with more experienced yogis who may want to deepen their practice and push their edge. I'm looking forward to becoming a more advanced yoga practitioner and Meredith is someone I will rely on to help me achieve that goal.”


“Meredith understood my goals as a runner & developed sequence to help release my tight muscles & get more mobility. Her style is just the right mix of informative and reflective. Meredith is now a staple in my weekly training plan.”


“Love Meredith - she has great energy, offers easy-to-follow cues, is very creative with flows, and plays the best music.”


“I’m in my mid 30s and have struggled with my lower back for many years. Through my 1:1 session with Meredith, she helped build a custom plan that leveraged recovery of my overworked muscles, strengthening underworked muscle groups, and general flexibility that has greatly reduced my daily pain and is keeping me active.”