Be it mindfulness, increased flexibility, managing anxiety or depression, and anything in between, I will curate a unique experience for you by combining the postures, breath work, and meditation. Think of it as your very own magical yoga blend. Scroll to learn more about the amazing benefits.


Breath Work

Breath connects the mind with the body and is integral to any yoga practice. There are a multitude of techniques that can be integrated to ease depression or anxiety and to facilitate the movement of the physical body through the various postures. By working with the breath, we are tapping into tools that can help ease the mind, develop awareness, and mindfully move energy throughout the body.



The shapes we move the body through help to increase flexibility, maintain and build muscle while also strengthening deep connective tissues such as joints, ligaments, and tendons. As we move through these shapes, we also become aware of our inner dialogue and thought patterns. This mind/body awareness provides the foundation from which we can purposefully live our lives.



During meditation the brain and nervous system undergo radical changes. Many scientific studies have proven that meditation can help manage depression, stress, and anxiety while also strengthening memory and reducing insomnia. There are many ways to approach meditation but regardless of the style, people often feel calm and serene after sitting just one time. This ability to sit with ourselves can simply makes us happier.